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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of printer can one use for Heat Transfer?

Any color printer can be used to do the job. Ensure that it is a color printer, except in the case of G-Free paper; that also does well with mono printers. You can use textile foil to enhance the design if you are printing with a mono printer.
For all other prints, we recommend OKI color laser printer; as its has the capacity to print on almost all the laser transfer papers without experiencing any jam or obstruction. You are to use inkjet printers for inkjet transfer papers.

What type of ink can be used on a printer?

All inkjet printers use ink. There are pigment ink, dye ink, eco solvent ink and sublimation ink. The type of printer determines the ink type that is used in it.

What is the temperature for transferring to a substrate such as T-shirts and mugs?

This depends on:
i.    the paper type
ii.    the substrate you are transferring to.
iii.    the technology (open or vacuum) of heat transfer printing machine being used
For a comprehensive guide on transfer temperature and time,click download to get a PDF format.

Why do we peel some paper in their cold state and others in their hot state after transfer?

This is a basic printing instruction that applies differently to different transfer papers for the best printing results and finishing. To avoid disappointments, apply basic rules. See comprehensive guide on transfer temperature and time.

What is a weed free paper?

A weed free paper is a type of transfer paper with which the transfer print comes out like screen printing; without leaving any coating on the fabric. It releases only the toner. An example of this kind of this is the G-Free laser transfer paper.

How is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

The return on investment is comes a bit fast, but depends on the brain behind it. An individual usually determines the pace of every business. A business soars when the business entrepreneur is competent, focused, determined, knows what he wants and vigorously pursues it steadfastly. A business is as good as the brain behind it. That’s our watchword and business slogan.

How many staffs do you need to start and what is the space required?

All the relevant machines for this business could be put on a table; not much space is required. One person can operate the machines; so you can start with just one operator, and expand your human resources base as your business expands.

What does it take to start Heat Transfer business?

It depends on your desire, plan and financial capacity. You could conveniently start with N200,000. Call our hotlines for details.

What is the difference between heat transfer paper and ordinary paper?

Heat transfer papers are coated papers which absorb the toner and release it to the substrate when heat is applied. A substrate is any surface to which you transfer a printed design.

Why do papers stick on substrates (e.g. shirt, mug etc.) when you want to peel them off after transferring?

As said earlier, papers that supposed to be peeled hot should be peeled hot. If they are peeled cold , they will definitely stick on the substrate and vice versa.

Why are some papers called non-oil papers? Does it mean that some papers have oil?

Non-oil papers are papers that are specifically made for printers whose fuser unit gets hot easily. The papers have hard coating on them which allows them to pass through the fuser unit without melting to avoid paper jamming.

What is the approximate energy consumption of the machines?

See specifications of the specific machine.

Does the type of machine you use affect the quality of your output?

Definitely yes. Transferring with the right machines at the right temperature, pressure and time can save you a lot of embarrassment. If transfer instructions are applied correctly, the toner sticks perfectly on the substrate to give a sharp image on the output. It also enhances the washability of fabrics.  The quality of your job depends solely on the correct application of the operational instructions and the machines used. Here we recommend the use of G-range of products.

You have a question but not here?

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